Claudia Veja Images is specialized in commercial images (advertising, stock, fashion) and business profiling.

"We produce, retouch and license images. High-end Photography, CGI and Videography. We also cover events, both private and news related."

While still a student, Claudia Veja worked in advertising as an Art Director and photographer. She first started her own business in the advertising world, then, as Claudia Veja Photography. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography & Cinematography from The Art and Design University in Cluj. She is currently represented by the leading stock agencies and also deals directly with clients worldwide.

Claudia is known for her creativity and ability to always come up with fresh and captivating ideas. She is also known for the clean conceptual imagery and her organic use of natural & studio light. Her artwork would best be described as a type of neo-surrealism and is recognized by the use of advanced post production editing techniques that dramatically improve the finished images, both still and film.

Currently, the business covers an elaborate range of services for all types of clients, ranging from fine art and commercial imagery, to personal and business profiles, to wedding photography & film.

Claudia Veja Images constantly employs a team of higly trained, dynamic assistants & artists.

It is (as it always was) her goal as a professional photographer to create images that would satisfy even the most exigent requirements and refined tastes.




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