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Snowman and funny child

R E T O U C H I N G . R E S T O R I N G . I M A G E S

D I G I T A L . E N H A N C E M E N T

S e r v i c e s :


Our Retouching Services (see prices below)

Claudia Veja Images offer a high end re-touching service suitable for editorial, advertising, or personal/ corporate use. Our experienced team has sophisticated retouching and image enhancement techniques designed to make your images at their best form by meticulously working on every pixel. Claudia Veja Images' Retouching Services will provide exceptional imagery every time.

How We Work

As we often have to handle large files on a regular basis from clients we needed a system that was reliable secure and more importantly easy to use. Our solution is a ftp transfer or online (storage)solutions. Allowing clients to simply drag and drop images into a folder from and to their desktop at anytime. We then see them at our end and can start retouching. Once we've finished we just drop them back into a new folder or sent them on DVDs when the final ok is given.


Click then roll mouse over the image below to see before and after retouching & editing. Get Adobe Flash player

Editing & Retouching Services / Restorations old/damaged images

Have a photograph of yourself you are unhappy with? Want a model's portfolio, event pictures retouched? You have an old image that needs restoration? Here's noting will not try in order to fix things.

1. Standard /RAW Processing

Includes: exposure, color balance, contrast, noise reduction, sharpening and other minor adjustments. If image is not in focus there are chances that will never be. In other words noise reduction and sharpening procedures are limited to the possibilities of the images. Also in these cases the editing/ retouching will be considered more than standard processing, especially when attempts to create focus where there was little or no focused achieved

2. Image cleaning and isolations/ cut-outs (catalog / product / stock)

Includes: All the features of Standard Processing + cleaning the image and the background, separating a foreground object/model from a background, changing the background / the color or completely.

3. Retouching for commercial / stock / beauty / fashion / editorial / art

Includes: All the features of 'Standard processing' and also the special, typical editing needed according with the type of project. In some cases there is the need for altering body shape, special hair or skin retouching, altering facial features or preserving and enhanceing them, color changeing or whitening, special image color corrections, and other adjustments. Send us details about your project.

4. Image Rejuvenation

Includes: All the features of 'Basic Retouching & Standard Processing ', with a more dramatic result. Depending on the project there are different needs. Maybe you need an alien look for your model. Maybe you need to artificially create DOF (Depth of field /"blurred" background) or Sharpening (USM - if missing or on the wrong place) in your images. Background cleaning, object removal. A great choice if you want to take your image to the next level, and make it stand out from all the rest. Also you might need to restore an out of focus image with special sharpening techniques or reducing extreme noise when with attention in not loosing sharpening in the same time. Send us details.

5. Image Restoration /repairs

Restoring photographs old or new printed or still as film (analog photography) can be quite a job. To reverse the effects of color fading, color balance or repairing cracks, tears, blemishes, missing image data, blurred patches and other forms of damage might be quick or time consuming task but the final goal is to have the most convincing repair possible. There are many techniques used when restoring photos and different methods are appropriate depending on the image in question.

6. Image Overhaul

Make your image out of this world - drastic improvements flying objects, changing people’s heads from one image to another, adding/ creating new objects or multiplying things (composite images), changing perspectives, altering existing light, object removal, and possible background changes, complex masking and an all over Image Overhaul. Also includes all the features of 'Image Rejuvenation, Basic Retouching & Standard processing’.

7. Pre-press Services (dtp) and internet/PC ready

After the editing and retouching process is finished, the images need to be prepared for their final use which can be printing or PC/ internet viewing. Depending of the printing process the right kind of settings will be applied to each image. Also black & white images might be needed or sepia as well.

The editing prices are per photo but they vary depending on the amount of work needed per photo and the overall work. Please send brief description of the corrections and alterations liked to be made per total (the no of images also) and for each of the images. Final price quotes can then be made.

We offer a variety of editing and retouching services for photographers & agencies. Creating exquisite imagery every time with lots of creativity in a non-destructive processing that will take your images to the next level.







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