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Very often we think that only when doing a fashion, commercial or concept imagery we would have to maybe have an idea for creating a photograph or a film. But in reality we've seen that for creating great images every time, even when doing spontaneous, event shots it's imperative to have an idea in mind of what are we looking for and all the aspects matter, even if we prepare all of it our selves or not.

At this event Robert Rainford made "the set" but I had in mind "the image" long before I was able to get it so I hunted for it even thou there was full or reporters and camera guys everywhere. I had this in mind knowing that he is a cook and he likes to use this grill so this would be something representative for him and I still do (except I would not do it at night as it was at this event).

Robert Rainford in Transylvania

Yes, a concept well prepared image, will most probably have a much higher rate of success (= be a good image or a best sell if you wish) then an event one, where we can't control almost anything, but the thing we can always control is what we see, the way we see it and how we "hunt" for it. What I mean is that having an idea of what are we looking for it's far more important then some might think. Well with the digital photography today anyone can make with a lucky shot a great picture but I'm talking about delivering awesome imagery every time no matter what type of photographs we do.

 An idea it can be only the attitude of the model and we just "hunt" that, but all depends on what we've got to work with (talent of the photographer included or NOT LOL). In another words: along with the idea/concept/massage the ingredients are important but the photographer's talent and way of thinking/hunting are key*.

 It's also a well known fact that pictures can lie big time, and having a clear idea/ preconception in mind is the way to do it. Thinking first and seeing differently, in an original, out of the box way will create better pictures or pictures that are "lying" if you wish. That can be done better and better according with the level of thinking, preparation, execution and post production of that image. Why would you lie? Don't if you can. I find good or bad pictures to be telling stories. Subjective stories at best in a good, excellent or terrible way. I don't think photography is presenting the (whole) reality not even when a documentary is made. But any way...

You can not always tell about the level of preparation or post production of an image just by looking at it but if you can't tell how difficult that was then that can be used as an advantage but on the other hand if you can clearly see that it took a lot of knowledge, talent, sophistication, originality to create it then that can be part of the success of it depending on the situation.

A picture can be so well prepared and still be mediocre at best if there is no talent what so ever in the team (the photographer especially ) that created it but sometimes just one single thing can be enough to get pictures** in the hole of fame if there is talent, sophisticated taste ("preconception") involved.


*  knowing to improvise or to take advantage in a case of error it is also part of having talent or experience
** not just one picture that is ;) for just one picture the luck it's all it takes ;)

for images with NO model/s nothing to say at the moment :)

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The use of flash in a sunny day

Using flash when the existing light is not enough is quite often & expected but when there is to much that's not a time, presumably to think about using an extra light. But why would I want that? Well when for instance the subject is in contrejour (by choice or not) then the use of a flash (a reflector might be not enough or possible) can make a huge difference if used correctly. Read more about this on my blog.

The use of flash (camera strobe) in a cloudy day it's not that unheard of but using it on a sunny day will probably rase some eyebrows. I would say after being the only one (from a huge crowd) to use one on this occasion for instance, see bellow (not a staged scene) :


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        *  IF you happen to find any misspellings, contextual errors or any other kind of text-related mistakes, you can blame MS Word or little green men from Mars, but not me. Because I don't make mistakes. Because I'm perfect.

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